Instrument: Lead Singer / Trombone

Other Band Affiliations:
Spider Nick and the Maddogs
The Rudie Crew
Bigger Thomas

Chris Malone is a self taught trombonist from Huntington, NY, who has been playing Ska Music in one form or another since 1998. He has played and recorded with a wide variety of bands, playing everything from skacore to roots reggae to latin and gyspy grooves. He has played hundreds of shows in places such as New York; Tokyo; Boston; Los Angeles…. just to name a few. Chris brings all of his experiences to bear on The Pandemics as their singer, trombonist and bandleader, incorporating all he’s seen and learned along the way into their signature sound. Additionally, in 2015, Chris founded Lonely Atom Records. His favorite sports teams are the New York Mets, Jets, and Islanders as well as the Tottenham Hotspurs. His favorite beers are Red Stripe and Guinness. What more is there to say? Plenty. Come get a beer and he’ll be happy to share his story. Kanpai! (Cheers!)

Flavor: Coffee