Ever get the feeling that you’re doing something wrong? Like… really wrong? Well, if saving some cash is wrong, we don’t wanna be right! So in honor of Cyber Monday we’re giving people 20% off their entire order (of $5.00 or more) when they use the promocode ASL20 (Ask someone born before 1990…like we said, we’re pretty sure we’re doing this wrong…) until midnight on Friday December 2nd (like I said, preeeetty sure we’re doing this wrong). But hey, our ‘mistake’ is your gain! So get your Pandemics Gear for 20% off your total order (minimum order $5.00) today!

WARNING: Some items are VERY limited in quantity! (especially on certain sizes of tee shirts) So, first come, first served! We warned ya!

The Pandemics to support the legendary SKATALITES on northeastern US Leg of their World Tour!

Hey Everyone,

We have just gotten confirmation that we will be heading out on the road supporting The Skatalites on the north eastern US leg of their world tour 9/9 – 9/11! We could not be any more humbled or honored to be supporting the band that played such a pivotal role in the history of Ska music. The Skatalites will be promoting their newest release, Platinum Ska, which is packed with all kinds of rarities including some of Lloyd Knibb’s last recordings.

We will be appearing at the following shows:

Friday 9/9 at Electric Haze in Worcester, MA

Saturday 9/10 at American Beauty Bar in New York, NY


9/11 at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

We are still waiting some details, but ticket and Facebook event info will be located in the details of our show page.

The Pandemics

We’re BACK Baby!

Happy 2016 everybody!

We’ve been kinda quiet lately, but it isn’t without good reason. There’s been a bit of a “Changing of the Guard” here at Pandemics HQ. A more substantial update will be coming when I have a little time, but for now, I’ll just mention that our drummer CJ Dunaieff has decided to leave the band to pursue other projects. We wish him nothing but the best with all of his future endeavors. The other new news is we want to extend a big raucous welcome to our new drummer Jake Navarro! More info on him and what else we’ve been up to coming soon!

In the meantime, please check out our freshly updated “Shows” section and check out all the awesome shows we have going on this summer! Including our long awaited return to the main stage at The Paramount in Huntington (On Tuesday 6/28) with The English Beat and Soul Asylum!

Got some big things in store guys!

Stay tuned!,
The Pandemics

Come get some ELEVATION!!! @ L.A.R.P. #003!

Hey All,

only got a second, but we are happy to announce we are playing with THE PILFERS and some of our best friends at Even Flow on Thanksgiving Eve (11/25/15)! Check out our shows! You can get presale tickets from our website here .

Get your tickets in advance to avoid being sold out! Attendence is CUT OFF at 200 heads! So spring for the extra $1 and make sure you don’t get sold out!

9/25/15 Lonely Atom Records Presents #001! featuring The Pandemics, Sweet Lucy & The Shipwrecks!

Hey Everyone,

We promised news, and we are working on that!

In the meantime we are happy to announce that we are a part of a new and exciting showcase called Lonely Atom Records Presents!

Lonely Atom Records (our record label) is booking a series of local showcases on Long Island and in NYC featuring some of the best up and coming bands out there playing ska & punk rock! Their goal is to help empower local music by putting on a series of shows that will bring out Long Island/NYC’s best & brightest along with touring national acts from all over the world!

The proceeds of these shows will be going directly to putting out new and awesome music from some of our favorite bands! Only after all the bands on the bill have been paid fairly will any proceeds be collected!

So come on out and support local music! This one is 21+ (sorry kids 🙁 ), but we hope to run all ages shows regularly in the future!

There are also other shows going up on the page over the next few days as well. So stay tuned, and keep your browser locked to this webpage for more info ASAP!

RIP Rico Rodriguez :(

Hey All,

We are bummed to hear of the passing of Rico Rodriguez. The legendary trombonist who most people know from his work with The Specials had a full and rich career, playing with tons of great bands, and producing music that was beloved all over the world. He was still playing with Jools Holland and the Gang almost until the day he died. The world has lost a legend, who will be missed dearly.

Rest In Power Rico

On another note, I know we’ve been kinda remiss about updating this website. That changes now. Expect new content very soon.

Shows! Shows! Shows!

Hey Everyone! it seems like our long slumber is over! We’ve got LOTS of huge shows coming up over the next couple of months! For example, our CD Release show for our Brand Spankin’ New EP, Hard Headed!, at the English Beat / Easy Star All Stars / Skints show at The Paramount tonight (4/30)! Or a LONG night of deep cuts and new jammies at The Jetty Bar & Grill in Long Beach! Or a showcase supporting The ORIGINATORS, The Skatalites!? Yup! We got that on 5/7 @ Revolution! We’re also going to closing out one of our favorite clubs in Brooklyn on 6/12 (RIP The Swamp!) and gettin’ Rowdy with our friends at Suburban Decay Records at the 7th Annual Punk Island Festival (on 6/21)! We even mark our 3rd year in a row out at our favorite beach side venue, Stephen Talkhouse! with The English Beat! Lots more info on our shows page! You can find info on all of those and more on our shows page:

Check it out! More are being posted all the time!

Cya in the pit!,
The Pandemics

Oh My God! We’re having a Fire!!!… Sale!!!

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may know, we have a new record coming out soon! It’s an EP and it’s called Hard Headed. It’s got 5 brand new tunes, some of which you may have heard us playing live recently, and a couple of others you haven’t.

Hard Headed cover art :)

Hard Headed cover art 🙂

So when does this record come out? Well, the music and artwork (as you can see) are done, and all that’s left to do now is press it. That’s where you come in! Pressing a record is an expensive proposition, so in order to help fund this process we’re having what is affectionally referred to as a Fire Sale (AAAAAaaaahhhhh! It burrrrrnnnnnsss!!!).

From now until the end of March we’re going to be slashing prices on a lot of our merch in our online store between 20% and 50% in order to raise some quick capital to press the new EP! So check out our store and score some sick deals while helping us to fund our next record!

We’ll also be introducing new items over the next couple of weeks. This week, the newest item we’ve added to our store are mp3s! You can now download our songs à la carte for the low cost of $0.75 each. The lowest cost anywhere online (itunes, bandcamp, amazon, etc). You can also download mp3 versions of full album versions of both Brain on Tap and the Patient Zero EP for a substantial discount.

We’ll also be throwing in a special mystery gift to anyone that buys physical goods from our website during the rest of the month of March, absolutely free! So check out the store & happy bargain hunting!

The Pandemics

Slackers Show @ 89 North on Friday! – How You Can Help!

Hey Everyone,

We’ve got an awesome show coming up on Friday, 1/30/15, with The Slackers, Crisis Crayons, Samurai Pizza Cats and more! We’ve got some surprises coming up at this one. New songs, a peek of some songs off our soon coming EP, and more!

Even though our ticket presale is over, you can still tell the venue at the door that you came of us, “The Pandemics” when you show up! The only way we get paid is by draw, so every single person vouching for us important!

Thank You and Cya There!,
The Pandemics