Instrument: Alto/Tenor Sax
Other band affiliations:
The Haberdashers
Fire in the School

It all started one day when a young Paul decided that the sax was just about the coolest instrument in existence. Probably after watching the Simpsons or something. He then started bugging his parents about it until they got him some lessons. This led to a career in concert bands, marching bands, and wind ensembles that lasted from ’94 to ’02. College was next with a stint at Five Towns where he earned a degree in performance. While there he also met Greg and Brian, who asked him to join a band made up of other students called The Haberdashers. After that band had broken up he spent some time playing with Fire in the School, along with working on some other projects that never quite got off the ground. And then, a call from Greg asking if he’d be interested in joining a ska band called The Pandemics. The rest of the history is currently a work in progress.

Flavor: Salty