Fun In The Summer Sun! – Make Hey 7″ Sale!

Man, oh man, it is a SCORCHER out there! Real feel of 96!

Well, you know what they say, “Make Hay, while the sun does shine!”.

Well, speaking of which, we are down to 8 copies of the Make Hey! 7″ by our friends, the ska powerhouse from Australia, The Porkers!, in the Lonely Atom Records Distro.

So to celebrate fun in the summer un, we’re offering a $2 discount on shipping on orders of the Make Hey! 7″ / 7″ Radical Chemicals – Volume 1 Combo, for orders within the USA with promocode: MAKEHEY from now, until the end of July!

Head on over to the webstore and pick up the 7″ Single or the the 7″ Singles Combo today!

Summer time, and Feelin’ Fine! – Drummer Search, PUNK ISLAND 2018! & The Chance & MORE!

Hey Guys,

Things have been super busy for us lately. Having said goodbye to our drummer Dan Noriega (it went so quick!), the search for a new drummer IS ON! If you guys know of someone who might be a good fit for us (21+, own gear / transportation, not a jerk!), let us know by dropping us an email at [b][/b] !

In the meantime, our good friend Katherine Stock will be covering drums for the next couple of shows for us!

Speaking of upcoming shows…


Come see us with TONS of bands like our friends Jukebox Romantics, American Pinup, The Holophonics (on tour from Texas!) and more! It’s 100% Free!

Check it!

Punk Island 2018!

We’re on at 6:30 on the All We Got Records Stage!

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got another gig the next day at The Brewer’s Collective supporting our friends in The Holophonics, with our buds Aqua Cherry, InCircles and BlueBlack!

June 24th @ The Brewer’s Collective in Bay Shore, NY!

There are more shows to be added (HUGE shows!, check our FB page for more timely info) to this website, but we’ll cut it here for now.

Chris Malone

Happy 3rd Birthday Hard Headed!!! Get a FREE copy! Read below for details!

Hey guys,

We just wanted to take second to acknowledge that our last EP, Hard Headed, turned 3 at the beginning of this month! Hard Headed holds a special place to us as our favorite release we’ve put out from Top to Bottom! All killer, no filler!

Happy Birthday Hard Headed!!!

To celebrate our last EP turning 3, we’re running a special sale on our webstore! Spend $15 on anything listed (including items like The Porkers – Make Hey! 7″ // Radical Chemicals – Volume 1 7″ Combo Pack! or the brand new full length, Welcome, from our buds in Abraskadabra (from Brazil!)) and we’ll throw in a copy of Hard Headed as well for FREE!!!

Just make your order, before May 31st, and if it’s over $15, we’ll throw it in there. No promo codes. No extra shipping costs. Just spend $15, and we’ll hook you up with a copy of our favorite release so far!

So again, Happy Birthday Hard Headed!

See you guys at our next show, TUESDAY MAY 22nd, At The Well with Stuck Lucky (TN), Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus (MI) and Radio Daze! It’s also Dan’s last show with the band, so make sure you come out and see him off!

The Pandemics

Record Store Day 2018!

Hello Ladies and Germs!

TOMORROW, Saturday April 21st is one of the best days of the year! RECORD STORE DAY! Its a day where music lovers from all over the world pay homage to their local record store and generally give a little bit of business to the shops that have fed our musical addictions all of these years. Unfortunately in recent years, the holiday has become less about supporting independent record stores and artists and more about clamoring for special edition re-releases of the mega-popular mainstream artists. Well, this year, along with our label, Lonely Atom Records , we’re taking it back!

So for any order from our webstore we’re offering FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $5! Just make your order before monday, April 23rd and use promo code: RSD2018 at checkout!

And not just our merch, but ANYTHING in the Lonely Atom Records – Webstore as well, like The Porkers Make Hey! 7″ Single on Black Vinyl! . Speaking of the Lonely Atom Records – Webstore, we’re proud to announce that there is a brand new, SUPER limited number of copies our friends in Abraskadabra‘s new record Welcome! . Abraskadabra is a kick ass Ska Punk band from Brazil who we just played with this past week, where they BLEW US AWAY! Check em out! You’ll love em! You can pick your copy of this AWESOME FULL LENGTH import in the aforementioned Lonely Atom Records – Webstore!

Welcome!  - the brand new release from Abraskadabra, from Brazil!

Welcome! – the brand new release from Abraskadabra, from Brazil!

Don’t sleep on these sales guys, because the two international imports have a VERY limited # of copies (10 each left, TOTAL). After they’re gone, the only option will be to grab them from their countries of origin which… could get pricey.

The Pandemics

New Shows coming up! Also, New Music in the Lonely Atom Records Webstore: Make Hey! by The Porkers!

Hey Everyone,

Just a couple of quick announcements!

First, we’ve got a few awesome shows coming up! The next one is April 14th @ El Cortez in Brooklyn with Go Big and Abraskadabra from Brazil! And next, May 22nd @ The Well in Brooklyn with Stuck Lucky, Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus and Radio Daze! Check out our show schedule for more info!

Next, New Castle, Australia’s own THE PORKERS!, have put out their first new music in over 11 years! To commemorate the occasion, and the kick ass tune!, the band put together a pretty awesome video which you can see here and by putting out a limited run of 7″ singles!


We’re pretty close with those guys, so Pete has enlisted our help (or rather, Lonely Atom Records’ help) in distributing a limited # of copies of the record for them here in the USA in order to keep shipping costs pretty low (well, lower than shipping them direct from Australia), and delivery times down. We got em right before our last show at Wayward social, and we’ve already sold off 1/3 of our stock! So, if you want a copy, be sure to pick on up from our webstore ASAP!

Just a heads up though, that we also have an option for anyone who still hasn’t picked up a copy of our own vinyl debut, Radical Chemicals – Volume 1 where we offer COMBINED SHIPPING!!

So get em while they’re hot! There may not be more after they’re gone!

The Pandemics

Hello 2018! Back with a brand new batch!

It’s announcement time!

And it’s a rare double whamy announcement!

First, after an exhaustive search over the last couple of months, it is with great pride that we welcome both Ryan Llanos (Guitar) and Vinny Carriero (bass) into the band! Some of you guys may recognize Ryan and Vinny from their previous band, Radio Daze from Long Island and as long time fixtures in Long Island’s Ska and Punk Rock Scenes! We’re really excited to have them and we hope that you guys will give them an equally warm welcome as well as we look to become an even stronger and more active band in 2018!

Welcome aboard

Vinny Carriero – Bass (left) , Ryan Llanos – Guitar (right)

Secondly, now that the band is once again whole, we are PROUD to announce our debut show with the brand spankin’ new lineup will be on Saturday, February 24th @ Tender Trap with our good friends Love Is A Fist, and Sonic Libido (Ska/Punk from Brunswick, Maine!). As for the Pandemics, we’ll be playing a diverse mix of some of our newest tunes, and some classic tunes that we have not played in a LONG time. You’re not going to want to miss this one!!!

The Pandemics

Big News – Comings and Goings


Over the last few months we had a bunch of trouble logging in to our website, so this news is a repost from the end of October, when it was posted on our facebook page.. Still it is the most current news as of this posting.


Hey Everyone,

Big news here. Buckle In because this is going to be a longer one.

Great news first:

We are proud to announce that we’ve found a new Drummer! Congrats to Dan Noriega, who is our former drummer Jake’s cousin! So join us and welcome Jake to the family! His first show will be our last minute addition to Hallowmas with The Lowdown Brass Band, O’Death & the incredible World/Inferno Friendship Society @ Warsaw in Brooklyn on 10/31!

Now the not so great news:

After years of faithful and excellent service, at the end of 2017, we will be seeing the departure of both our bassist Will Harris and our long time guitarist/vocalist Brian Kennedy. Both were a huge part of our sound, and it’s not at all hyperbole to say that without their contributions there would be no Pandemics as it stands today. It is also important to note that aside from myself (Malone) and Paul, that Brian is the only other Pandemic to play every single show weve had over the last 7 years and his absence will most definitely be felt, noticed and missed, no matter what happens going forward.

Both choose to move on to pursue other important personal, professional and creative goals and we wish them well in all of their pursuits, with nothing but prosperity in the future.

So, what’s next?

Well the good news is that (at current) we’ve got 2 shows left with this crew and they’re going to be fun ones!

First, we’ll be playing an extended set on thanksgiving eve at The Railroad Inn (The Rail!) In Valley Stream on Wednesday November 22nd for free (21+ only)! Come get down and catch a cab home! This show will feature our former drummer Jake Navarro playing with us one last time.

And finally, on December 9th with some of our best friends, Love is a Fist, Freya Wilcox & The Howl, MJT and Mad Conductor at The Gateway in Brooklyn. You can check the details here:

The Pandemics w/ Mad Conductor @ The Gateway, Brooklyn, NY

Beyond that?

Everything is fresh and things are a bit open ended, but it is our intention at the moment to continue, try and soldier on, rebuild as an even better and stronger band, a task that will be no easy feat given the giant footprints left behind. Still, we move forward, hoping not to stumble too much along the way.

In summation:

Thank you Dan for stepping up.

Thank you Will and Brian for your years of dedicated service.

And thank all of you guys who have helped us on this journey and continue to stick with us. We hope to see you at these two shows.

The Pandemics

Delayed posting – web portal difficulty issues – Goodbye Jake

Hey Everyone,

This news wasn’t posted on the website because we were having website issues when it was going down. It WAS posted on our Facebook page back in August. Posted for posterity in these ever changing times.


Hey Everyone,

First off, HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to our last couple of shows last week!

The Knitting Factory Brooklyn was OFF THE HOOK! It came within a handful of people to being SOLD OUT! Not too shabby for a Wednesday! Our buds in Rude Boy George played great, and The Selecter had the whole room sweating their butts off playing a KILLER mix of their classic tunes and newer fare, including some new jams off their soon to be released Subculture! Catch it when it comes out in October! Special thanks as well to our friends over at ReadJunk who did an awesome review of the show (link in the comments!)! We really appreciate the kind words!

Our return to our east end roost, Stephen Talkhouse, was a lot of fun too! We played everything we knew and then some! MAJOR props to our buddy Lucas who caught us at BOTH of these shows, despite them being over 100 MILES APART! Now that’s dedication!

Lastly, on a more somber note, we reluctantly say goodbye to our immensely talented drummer Jake Navarro who has been playing with us for the last year or so. In his scant 14 months in the band Jake played some amazing shows with us with some of truly great bands, including The English Beat, Soul Asylum, King Django, Pilfers, J. Navarro & the Traitors (no relation), Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7, The Porkers, InCircles, The Skatalites Band and of course The Selecter and many more!

It truly has been our pleasure to play with Jake, and we wish him the best in all of his future endeavors. We’re not sure who will be playing drums for us yet, but whoever it is is going to have some giant shoes to fill.

That’s pretty much it for now. Have a great summer everybody!


The Pandemics

MORE SHOWS in the Summer Of SKA!

Hey Guys,

Just added another show to our SUMMER OF SKA! We’ll be playing a free show with our buds in Dirty Notion (from Detroit) and Splatterhouse at The Rail in Valley Stream on July 14th!

Come thru! It is 21+ tho (Sorry Kids!)

Cya there!,
The Pandemics

Summer Of Ska!

Hey Everyone,

The Summer Of Ska is here! We’re still confirming a couple of shows, but we’ve just announced/listed shows for:

Thursday, June 8th @ The Well (Brooklyn) w/ Love is a Fist, Color Tongue and more!
Wenesday, August 9th @ The Knitting Factory w/ The Selecter!!! and Rude Boy George!
Thursday, August 10th @ Stephen Talkhouse!

Stay tuned for more information over the next few days, and a few more gigs, but this is already shaping up to be our BEST, SUMMER, EVER!

Cya in the pit!

The Pandemics