Abraskadabra – Welcome (CD) (2018) (Brazilian Import!) (DOMESTIC SHIPPING ONLY)



Abraskadabra are 7 Piece ska band from Curitiba, Brazil! Having formed in 2003, this septet merges melodic hardcore and ska punk into a unique and heady blend that seems tailor made to get you ready to kick ass and take names! Positively brimming with energy, Abraskabra has poured every ounce of it into the 13 tracks of their latest release, Welcome! Spawning multiple singles like Heavy Hitter (wonder why that sounds familiar… hmmm…) and The Dream, Welcome is packed end to end with ska punk anthems that will reside in your head for weeks! Rich horn melodies, pitch perfect vocals, and a rhythm section that just. won’t. quit working that impulse that makes you want to get up and dance. Even the strongest willed among us will have a hard time not at the very least tapping their toes! A must have release for ska fans in 2018!

Once again, we’re in possession of a VERY limited quantity of these CDs. We only have 10 of these here, so like always, get em before they’re gone, or you’ll have to get em shipped from Brazil, which… well, just order it soon and save yourself the hassle.

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