SKANNIBAL PARTY #15 (Mad Butcher Records – German International Ska Comp!)


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We are PROUD to announce that our song Stop & Get Frisky was featured on the latest iteration of the Skannibal Party international party on Mad Butcher Record’s sister label, Black Butcher Records based in Germany. Very proud to have one of our songs featured on a label that supports Anti-Fascist activism. We join our friends in The Freecosters, The Big Takeover and Monty Neysmith (Mr. Symarip!) and The Bishops, along side ska bands from all over the world in countries like The UK, Indonesia, France, Russia and more!

Skannibal Party 15


01.) King Zepha (United Kingdom) – Teacher, Teach Me A Song

02.) Cut Capers (Great Britain) – Live Today

03.) Contenders (Greece) – One Time

04.) The Freecoasters (USA) – I Don’t Even Know

05.) Jamaikarta (Indonesia) – Reggae Jungle

06.) Le Iene (Italy) – Il Grande Trionfo

07.) Skabidean (Estonia) – Herri Anitzak

08.) The Big Takeover (USA) – Come Before Five

09.) Stockkampf (Austria) – Zwischen Angekackt Und Glucklich

10.) Skameleon (Germany) – Wonderwall

11.) Los Rude Waves (Mexico) – El

12.) New Lion Ska (Mexico) – Quizas Tu Amor

13.) Suedehead (USA) – Can’t Stop

14.) Monty Neysmith & The Bishops (USA) – Jump

15.) Les Singes Verts (France) – Jacky

16.) Las Melina (Poland) – Miasto

17.) Jahmila (Italy) – Liberska

18.) Riddim Cats (Mexico) – Quisiera

19.) Smokin’ Fuzz (France) – Sister

20.) The Pandemics (USA) – Stop & Get Frisky

21.) Lollypop Lorry (Russia) – Simmer Down