Hello Ladies and Germs!

TOMORROW, Saturday April 21st is one of the best days of the year! RECORD STORE DAY! Its a day where music lovers from all over the world pay homage to their local record store and generally give a little bit of business to the shops that have fed our musical addictions all of these years. Unfortunately in recent years, the holiday has become less about supporting independent record stores and artists and more about clamoring for special edition re-releases of the mega-popular mainstream artists. Well, this year, along with our label, Lonely Atom Records , we’re taking it back!

So for any order from our webstore we’re offering FREE domestic shipping on all orders over $5! Just make your order before monday, April 23rd and use promo code: RSD2018 at checkout!

And not just our merch, but ANYTHING in the Lonely Atom Records – Webstore as well, like The Porkers Make Hey! 7″ Single on Black Vinyl! . Speaking of the Lonely Atom Records – Webstore, we’re proud to announce that there is a brand new, SUPER limited number of copies our friends in Abraskadabra‘s new record Welcome! . Abraskadabra is a kick ass Ska Punk band from Brazil who we just played with this past week, where they BLEW US AWAY! Check em out! You’ll love em! You can pick your copy of this AWESOME FULL LENGTH import in the aforementioned Lonely Atom Records – Webstore!

Welcome!  - the brand new release from Abraskadabra, from Brazil!

Welcome! – the brand new release from Abraskadabra, from Brazil!

Don’t sleep on these sales guys, because the two international imports have a VERY limited # of copies (10 each left, TOTAL). After they’re gone, the only option will be to grab them from their countries of origin which… could get pricey.

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