Hard Headed EP

Band :
Title : Hard Headed
Release Date : April 30, 2015
Catalog ref. : LAR-001
Format : CD

This is our 3rd Studio Release.

The Pandemics are:

Chris Malone – Lead Vocals / Trombone
Brian Kennedy – Guitar / Vocals
James Fulfaro – Baritone Sax / Backing Vocals
Paul Chestnut – Alto / Tenor Sax
Chris Mandato – Trumpet
Chris Quintero – Trumpet
Will Harris – Bass
CJ Dunaieff – Drums

All Music performed and written by The Pandemics
All music arranged and transcribed by Brian Kennedy
Lyrics Written by Chris Malone and Brian Kennedy
Piano / Organ performed by Brian Kennedy
Additional Writing and vocals on Change Your Mind and Stop & Get Frisky by Greg Steiner

The Pandemics would like to thank: Our fans, friends, families, wives and girlfriends and everybody whose continued to support us over the years.

Special thanks go out to: Greg Steiner for his years of dedicated service and showmanship that helped us get to where we are today. To Jim & the crew at Sabella Studios. To Christine Wagenhiem for wearing so many hats and for getting in the van, all with a smile. To the Dunaieffs, Kennedy’s, Mandato’s and Quintero’s. To Dima Kay and Jayson Nugent for their advice and insight.

Produced by: Will Harris, Brian Kennedy, Chris Malone
Recorded and Mixed by Will Harris at Sabella Studios
Mastered by Jim Sabella at Sabella Studios
Assisted by Matt Murphy
Album Artwork by T Cameron Morgan

Catalog #: LAR-001

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