CDs for Sandy – Volume 2

Title : Sleepy Sunday (New York City)
Release Date : November 30, 2012
Format : Digital Download

1. Sixth Degree – Feel Good Dub 05:08
2. Evan Hiller – The Lonelier I Get 03:41
3. The Vinyl Plane – Bloodstream 04:45
4. Chris Davenport – Tame the Times 02:16
5. The Brighton Beat – Changing Elevators 10:01
6. Nils Lewis – Hunters River 03:34
7. The Pandemics – Sleepy Sunday (New York City) 04:05
8. 2JLU – Penelope (mastered) 03:11
9. Danny Asselta – Storm’s Eye 04:27
10. Samurai Pizza Cats – Up 03:40
11. Dudemandude – Brooklyn oh Brooklyn 05:05
12. Space Camp Dropout – When the Music Fades Back in 03:16
13. Avery Maracek – Tethered 02:12
14. Salina Solomon – May 03:09
15. Ricky Demetro – Stopping in the City on a Snowy Evening 03:15

CDs for Sandy is a charity that I started on November 8th, 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I’ll be mapping out the disaster zones that were hit on Long Island and then making local contacts. I’m going to ask specifically if they have Sandy victims; if not, next area. While I know that there are many people who are in need come the colder times, I wanted to focus on those who lost everything in the hurricane. The Red Cross is capable of helping people, as well as FEMA, but they keep a huge part of the proceeds and I want to give people to option of getting their money to victims directly.
The CDs are composed of unsigned artists throughout the New York area from all different walks of life. A branch has also been started at the University of Illinois Urbana to reach a broader audience and ideally increase sales dramatically. To reduce shipping costs, the CD has been made available on This way,
the production costs are kept down and the music is available literally everywhere. I hope to provide a direct sales option in the next few weeks; however, as for now, this is the more cost effective option to those who do not live locally.
As this project has grown, I’ve made some minor changes. Originally, I was going to put together kits myself for the victims, but I realized that this was not cost effective. Instead, I will be mailing funds directly to them. How is this more effective you might ask? In the wake of a natural disaster, there is an ongoing problem of “too much” of a product being donated. This way, victims reserve the option of putting funds to what they need, rather than receiving what I think they need.
To ask how you might get involved email me at You can also contact me, Mickey Bennett, or Lauren Dodillet for more information. If you’d like to buy a CD and you do not live in the New Paltz area, visit To donate to production costs, you can visit If you’re interested in just donating to the victims without receiving music in return, visit

Jessica Juliana Fischer-Smith
Founder of CDs for Sandy
released 30 November 2012

This album goes out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Thank you to all the contributing artists: I love you all. Seriously, thanks for putting up with all my messages and emails. You all made this possible! A special thanks goes out to my badass team that has come into existence since this started earlier in the month: Lauren, Mickey, Dan, and Salina- Thank you guys for your sales and promotional efforts.