Oh My God! We’re having a Fire!!!… Sale!!!

Hey Everyone,

As some of you may know, we have a new record coming out soon! It’s an EP and it’s called Hard Headed. It’s got 5 brand new tunes, some of which you may have heard us playing live recently, and a couple of others you haven’t.

Hard Headed cover art :)

Hard Headed cover art 🙂

So when does this record come out? Well, the music and artwork (as you can see) are done, and all that’s left to do now is press it. That’s where you come in! Pressing a record is an expensive proposition, so in order to help fund this process we’re having what is affectionally referred to as a Fire Sale (AAAAAaaaahhhhh! It burrrrrnnnnnsss!!!).

From now until the end of March we’re going to be slashing prices on a lot of our merch in our online store between 20% and 50% in order to raise some quick capital to press the new EP! So check out our store and score some sick deals while helping us to fund our next record!

We’ll also be introducing new items over the next couple of weeks. This week, the newest item we’ve added to our store are mp3s! You can now download our songs à la carte for the low cost of $0.75 each. The lowest cost anywhere online (itunes, bandcamp, amazon, etc). You can also download mp3 versions of full album versions of both Brain on Tap and the Patient Zero EP for a substantial discount.

We’ll also be throwing in a special mystery gift to anyone that buys physical goods from our website during the rest of the month of March, absolutely free! So check out the store & happy bargain hunting!

The Pandemics